Can you imagine living in a house made of steel?

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The house of the future

Imagine living in a house made of steel. Our video showcases steel houses in France, where a major project is redefining the residential market.

In partnership with Maisons Confort France (MCF), ArcelorMittal, together with 15 other companies, has brought a new, environmentally friendly housing solution to the market – the MCF 2020. As well as being a zero-emission house, the MCF 2020 generates enough energy to fuel both the house and an electric car. An innovative example of what steel can do in the construction market not only in the future, but also today.

In the video, one happy resident explains why steel was the perfect choice for her and her family: “we chose a house of steel because of the shapes – its rounded roofs, the shape of the doors and windows, and the shapes of the room. And this wasn’t even an expensive house, compared to traditional houses.”

Steel as a building material for housing is more environmentally friendly, more cost-efficient and safer than traditional building materials. The strength of steel also allows for innovative design and architecture. It is also resistant to earthquakes, and pre-fabrication of the steel structure off-site means construction sites are cleaner and safer.

Architect (picture): F Jauvion -