Sustainability – Leadership

Sustainability – Leadership

To achieve a good quality of life for everyone, new approaches are needed. Innovation, infrastructure and enterprise are essential. Steel has a key role to play – but there are challenges we need to address along the way.

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Steel and sustainable development

A common goal we all share – as individuals, companies, NGOs and nations – is to enjoy a good quality of life. By 2050 there will be nine billion people in the world. We need to find ways to prosper without overusing natural resources, hurting others or changing the climate. This requires enterprise, infrastructure and new ways of thinking about everyday products, from transport to toasters. Take a look around you: steel is a vital component of our daily lives. And our innovations are continually making products even more effective, efficient and easier to recycle.

At ArcelorMittal we call steel the fabric of life. We recognise that steel offers great opportunities for the future, but it also has its challenges. That's why this year we have launched a new framework which outlines 10 sustainable development outcomes. We know we have a lot to do. Our framework is the next step in that long journey to make steel one of the world's most sustainable materials.